A little about me and my sweet family! I've been a photographer for years, and  I remember the exact wedding I knew exactly what I wanted to do in the industry. One day I got ask to shoot a wedding for a close family friend about 5 years ago. I was hesitant but took the job. It was a small backyard wedding and the sweetest most laidback couple. That day I fell in love with weddings and knew that photographing couples on their wedding day was what I wanted to do.  I'm very emotional and love watching couples become a sweet family. I cry and laugh  with you, during the vows, speeches and first looks. I follow you around all day, I fix veils , pin boutonnieres, adjust dresses, fix falling hair, etc. I'm basically a bonus bridesmaid! 


Tiffinie Wright

  mom • photographer

Can they BE any cuter?! (Get it lol) 
So a little about my oldest, Eric. He is a complete goofball who is way too grown up and absolutely hilarious. This kid has a heart of gold and is always so thoughtful.

Now my youngest, Aynzlee. This adorable kid has no filter, none. She is a helper, a boss & is also so hilarious! They both complete our little family in every perfect way.  

siblings • best friends

Eric + Aynzlee