When your big day comes, you don’t just want to enjoy it to its fullest. You want to capture every moment of the occasion so you can look back on such an amazing and beautiful experience for decades to come. To relive the magic that made that day such a special occasion.

That’s where Emerald Moon Weddings comes in. We make it our duty to make sure your big day is captured for eternity and not a moment is lost to time.

However, you might be a little unaware of what to expect. Here’s how Emerald Moon Weddings captures the magic.

Pre-Wedding Prep

The wedding itself is often what people think about when they hire a wedding photographer, but the truth is, we start our job a lot earlier than that.

First, we have to talk to our client and handle the pre-service contractual obligations. This is when we handle pricing and setting expectations. However, there are photos taken during this stage, too.

Once we’ve handled the red tape, we’ll move on to discussing our shot list, getting your input as to what you want, and overall guiding you to make the best photography decisions possible for your big day.

This is followed up with a pre-wedding photo of the bride’s dress hanging elegantly and posed to make it look its best. After all, the bride’s dress is one of the biggest stars of the show, and we’re sure you’ll want to remember how it was before you wore it as well as all the big moments.

The pre-wedding shot list also extends into your prep. We’ll capture candid photos of you preparing, the wedding party getting ready, parental and family figures prepping or getting excited for the big moment, and every other little detail you can imagine.

Not everything is candid, though. We’ll also stop each member of the party, the bride and groom (separately of course), and the present family members to take posed shots with everyone looking their best.

Wedding photography process.

Wedding Focuses

Upon arriving at the venue, before everyone has gotten into place, some preliminary shots of all the décor will be taken.

Once that’s done, it’s all about capturing your big moment in a way that highlights just how special it is.

Primarily, we’ll focus on wide and close-up shots of the bride’s walk down the aisle, the groom waiting patiently, the guests, and of course, several major shots throughout the ceremony.

This is followed by family photos both candid and posed.

Reception Focuses

With the reception being a time to unwind, this is when our team focuses more heavily on posed shots and making sure we capture group photos the most.

First, we’ll photograph all your décor and the venue, and we’ll make sure to get photos of you and the groom, as well as your wedding party and guests, arriving. This requires us to get to the venue as soon as possible to set up these worthwhile shots.

Once that’s finished, we’ll focus on photographing the wedding party for each side, family photos, and of course, the bride and groom together during special moments such as slicing the cake, giving speeches, and more. Contact us for your special day.


May 12, 2023

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