Marriage is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing. You don’t get another day quite like this, and you want to be able to look back on it and feel just as amazed 20 years from now as you do when you and your partner walk down the aisle and say your vows.

Photography is a key part of that, and today, Emerald Moon Weddings is going to give you ten photography ideas to make your wedding album stand out as the collection of precious moments it truly is.

1: Hand-in-Hand with Rings

This is a shot that needs to be taken as the bride and groom descend from the altar and make their way out of the venue. A close-up shot of their hands entwined with their new bands will create the perfect opening photo for any wedding album.

2: Generational Photo

While we all agree that the event is for the bride and groom, that doesn’t mean that family isn’t a major pillar of that blooming relationship. Take generational photos of the bride with her mother and the groom with his father to highlight the growth that is taking place and the closeness of those bonds.

3: Silly Family Portrait

Stereotypically, everyone wants the wedding to be a hyper-serious event. So, why not loosen up a bit with a candid silly photo of the family? When you’re looking back at it 20 years from now, you’ll appreciate the natural sense of happiness and genuineness behind it.

4: Swap the Bride and Groom

This is another silly option, and all it takes is a mirror. After the ceremony, while everyone’s still dressed up, use a mirror to reflect the bride from the neck down, and have the groom standing with his head just above the mirror to create a silly body-swap image.

5: A Toast for the Wedding Party

A simple and fun photo that will add a lot of energy to your album is a simple photograph of the wedding party toasting to a brighter future.

6: Honeymoon Silliness

Without going into details, everyone knows what the honeymoon is traditionally about. Why not play on that with a silly photograph of the two of you jumping on the honeymoon suite’s bed while you still have your tux and dress on? The photographer can stay home for this one if you have a camera with a timer, and this is a classic photo option.

7: The Bouquet

The bouquet is a time-honored addition to every marriage, and it’s one event that gets guests in an uproar like no other. Before the bride tosses the bouquet to the ladies present, get an up-close shot of her holding it.

Wedding picture ideas.

8: The Bride and Groom Separated

Traditionally, the groom can’t see the bride before she walks down the aisle. This is an easy opportunity for a great memorable shot. Have the bride and groom stand on opposite sides of a doorway with their hands reaching around to hold one another and get them both in the shot. You can almost feel the tension!

9: Catching the Bouquet

Again, the tossing of the bouquet is a huge moment. So, why not eternalize it with a mid-air shot that captures the excitement of the guests waiting to fight over it?

10: Lake Reflection

Finally, to wrap up your photo album, you must get a reflection shot of the bride and groom being reflected in a body of water at sunset. It’s classy, timeless, and thought-provoking when you look back on it later.

For these and many other memorable shots of your wedding, contact Emerald Moon Weddings and have your special day photographed by a true professional.


May 12, 2023

Tying the Knot in Style: 10 Unique Wedding Photo Ideas

Fun wedding photo ideas.